Business Connecting Benefits & Action Plan

A Canadian consultancy asked me to for help with the expansion of their leadership training to the European market. In this blog, I will share with you the benefits of using the Business Connecting framework. You can find the results of my project for this consultancy here.


Business connecting is modern, authentic networking on a basis of trust and sincere interest. It is not about hardcore selling, simply exchanging business cards or sharing Facebook ads. By applying the 6 steps of Business Connecting you will become visible and attract relevant contacts. The 6 steps give you a strategy to turn your (new) contacts into profitable relationships and boost your business or career. Networking skills, online and in-person, are essential nowadays because lifetime jobs are becoming scarce and online visibility is becoming more important.


When following the 6 steps of Business Connecting you will learn how to:

  • Discover your personal, for you energizing, networking style
  • Create your authentic brand story
  • Reach and engage with your target audience
  • Build a quality network of relevant contacts
  • Increase your visibility with suitable online marketing material
  • Connect authentically at events and while presenting

6 Steps

1. You Discovering your personal networking style

You have a networking style that comes naturally to you. People have different preferences in communicating and social media use.

2. Your Story Creating your authentic brand story

This step is about the why behind you and your business. The why is all about your purpose, cause or belief which are essential for your authentic brand story.

3. Audience Reaching and engaging with your target audience

You need to know where your target audience is and how you can address them best in order to reach your goals.

4. Contacts Forming a quality network of relevant contacts

During your life, you meet so many people that can be of value to your career and business. We sometimes forget that the people we know, also know people that could lead us to new opportunities.

5. Online Visibility Increasing your visibility with suitable online marketing material

There are many online platforms where you can introduce yourself and your business. The question is where and how you want to position yourself.

6. Offline Visibility Connecting authentically at events and while presenting

You can go to networking events to talk about your business or your skills or decide to organise an event yourself.

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